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Dancing Through A Pandemic

I’ve been thinking about you and the state of the dance industry. Our forward motion is now stagnant, closed, and well, digital. Life without the studio is uncomfortable and challenges our ordinary. Our dance career feels disrupted and frustrating. Yet, we are all adjusting to this new normal while wondering when it will all end. 

I started to think about how you might be feeling as an aspiring dancer or an established dancer. Some of you are fortunate to be back in the studio, training full time with masks on. That can’t be fun! While others are still struggling to get used to taking a class in a small living room, in a confined space, on the carpet, or wood floors while using chairs as barres and small mirrors to catch any glimpse of yourself. I can only imagine how much of an adjustment this has been for you. 

Not to mention, in a world where we are usually so connected to each other and feeding off of each other’s creativity, there is a void when it comes to dancing–human connection, collective movement, and unified energy. We miss our culture of movers, our friendships, and our daily laughs. We miss playing around in the studio, backstage, or after rehearsals. 

Dancing through a pandemic is tough. I feel for all of you. 

Despite all of this, I want to offer a new perspective to this new lifestyle we must embrace whether we like it or not. I want to remind you that as dancers, we have never turned our backs on a hurdle. We have never said to ourselves, I won’t step it up, I won’t go for that third pirouette, or I won’t try to get my leg higher, jump higher, or learn a new combination. We are the ones who love a good challenge. We are the ones who love healthy competition. We are the ones who love to find new ways to deepen our connection to movement, to care for our bodies, and to seek creative solitude. 

As ballet dancers, we show up disciplined and ready to push our limits to the maximum each day. As contemporary dancers, we find new ways to move our bodies in space while creating new shapes and telling new stories. As tap dancers, we hear and execute new rhythms and syncopations. As commercial dancers, we find new challenging ways to translate our street movements into unique sequences and imaginative pictures. We unite as dancers in the shared space of storytelling, dynamic movement, and challenges. We revel in discipline, consistency, and reasonable predictability with our schedules.

With all of this in mind, I resolved to create a community that gives us a bit of everything. A digital space where dancers can play, share, converse, and commune. I’ve created a space for us to co-create, enhance our bodies, and challenge ourselves in new ways first as individuals; next, as a group. I’ve created a space to learn new skills that can enable you to level-up your career with a powerful brand. 

The Sonja McCord X harnesses our creative prowess to create meaningful, timeless work. We allow dancers to build their brands, increase their visibility, and enhance their talent with simple, long-term methods. 

Why? Because we need somewhere to unite, even if it’s within our homes.

  • We need somewhere to continue challenging ourselves.
  • We need somewhere to push our limits to the maximum capacity.
  • We need somewhere to foster our collective creative energy.

The Sonja McCord X creates a space for all of this and more.  

Everything is happening on Instagram. Please follow us @thesonjamccordx and join our inner circle @dancervisibility.  

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