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You Think You Need Followers, But What you Want is Visibility

You think you need followers, but what you want is visibility. So what is visibility, and how do I know you want more of it? Visibility in the context of dancers is the ability to be seen and recognized for your work. As a dancer, I understand that each of us craves to perform consistently and gain recognition for our artistry. It’s not enough for us to dance. Many of us want acknowledgment for our performances and creativity.

Am I right? 

What dancer would deny themselves an opportunity to be featured in the media, television, or significant production? Or if you had a chance to dance front and center in a viral dance video, would you say no? Not unless you didn’t feel ‘ready.’ 

So why the craving for followers?

Because followers tell us that people are watching, recognizing, and interested in the content we provide. We dance not only for ourselves but for the unique artistic expression that compels us to share with the world. If that work, art, and movement is not recognized or followed, it almost feels like, “Why am I dancing if my work and performances do not have an audience? For whom am I creating?” That is where the craving for followers, likes, and subscribers are born. 

We are trying to gauge our impact on the world. While many people interpret that to be self-serving, I’d argue that it’s the opposite. It’s selfless.

We create out of necessity, but we share it out of selflessness. We love it when our work is recognized, and there is a benefit of self-gratification. However, at our core, we want an audience who appreciates our artistic work.  

The Sonja McCord X teaches dancers how to increase their visibility. We provide the training, skills, and strategy behind an effective visibility plan. We help dancers turn their art into a legacy. 

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